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Self Promotion: Dead of Knight

Posted by Bradley Polk on June 22, 2012

Self Promotion: Dead of Knight.


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Posted by Bradley Polk on June 5, 2012

Rebloging myself because I’m a pretentious prick!

Naturally Uncanny Reviews!

Kickstarter, the website dedicated to helping people start up projects through volunteer backing, has grown in popularity since its launch in 2008.  The biggest Kickstarter project thus far, at least as known by this reporter, was Double Fine’s Kickstarter to back a good old fashioned adventure game that they couldn’t get a publisher for, which raised 3.3 Million dollars (see:  Kickstarter has seen a wide variety of projects, from up-and-coming indie game developers to artists hoping to get backing to help their art, but this by far is the worst use of it so far.  The user Anita Sarkeesian posted a Kickstarter project in hopes to raise money for her youtube show, I shit you not.  The project is titled Tropes vs Women in Video Games, and hopes to raise money for “production costs, equipment, games and downloadable content” and has reached far beyond it’s goal of $6,000…

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